IVidz Review

Is it a scam
November 19, 2020

Before you buy any product, you will always want to seek for the question "Is product a Scam"

So, this time, we make a post to answer your question "Is Ividz a Scam or Is I-vidz a Rip Off" so that you will be confident to take decisions.

So, this non copy paste review post will help you find out.

Why Do We Ask This Question?

The main reason is because the sales page or the product (plus fake reviewers) seems to boost the product a lot (some are hype review, some are fake reviews)
Besides, I-vidz advertises that it helps you boost your video conversion & video engagement, which is what to suspect. How they gives you better conversion when you just add the call to action link or making the video choice funnel. You should understand, there are tons of apps that can be the same or even better thing like this one (i can name for you, like SmartVideo & VideoMatic)

Brett and Mike has also conducted a dirty trick. They give away previous products they have sold such as 300 Dollar Days & Letsmail, which they have launched in the same year with Ividz. So, will they do the same thing in the future with this product.

The app also includes video hosting features but as one time price. So, 100%, you must buy the last upgrade in order to upload unlimited video. As a result, buying upsell is almost a must when you buy Ividz, which is found to be uncool from the product creator.

However, in our opinion, money doesn't matter, the matter is that the value you get and does it really work?
After watching the below videos, we hope that you've found an answer. Obviously, Ividz is not a scam, it's a proven product sold by a big Jvzoo vendor, Mike Thomas and Brett Rutecky, the man behind multiple software launch projects on the internet. About the hosting, well, actually, these guys has sold a tool Vidyz for up to 2 version before so this one is like another way they make in order to sell that product. But it's not a re-launch because the features are different a lot, not about just offering additional 1-2 features as some scam vendors like Jamie Lewis & Glynn Kosky are doing.

No way these guys will giveaway these tools as a bonus. As you know, they have the hosting features and if they giveaway video hosting features for free, there will be some worthless users abuse the system, which will risky their business profit.

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